The Wosh Goal

Our goals as a business is to provide a healthier way to have our clothes cleaned , we believe that Wet Cleaning is the future of dry cleaning

The Wosh Vision and Mission Statement

At Wosh by Rhodes Box, our only options of clean clothes is Wet Cleaning. Wet cleaning can be described as a push towards environmentally cleaning solutions.
In wet cleaning, water and detergent are added to a specially made computer-controlled machine along with garments. Clothing can be agitated extremely gently or dried at specific temperature allowing cleaners to completely customize the wet cleaning process for each item.

Wet cleaning as an alternative to dry cleaning can be used on dry clean only items such as Wool, Silk and Suede.
Wet cleaning uses water with cleaning equipment which is extremely sensitive to moisture, precisely controls the amount of humidity in order to maximize cleaning without harming fabric ensuring that clothing doesn’t shrink, stretch or fade for those who may be sensitive to standard cleaning products, wet cleaning is a perfect alternative to dry cleaning.
Wet cleaning is safe and a chemical free alternative and it keeps clothes looking and feeling fresh.
If you have to do it, do it the Laundromat Way. We are bringing the future to the present.

The Laundry Company You Can Trust





Customer satisfaction


Success stories

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry.
John Ayodeji


Wosh is a trusted laundry company. I am a busy banker and always need clean work shirts.
Claire Silva


I wash my clothes at Wosh. The staffs are friendly and very helpful.
You can trust them with your laundry